Running Pains – OKC Memorial Half Marathon

I recently took part in the OKC Memorial Half Marathon.  The run is a fundraiser for the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum.  It is a great way to remember those who tragically died in the bombing and their families.  The marathon and half marathon take place throughout great areas of OKC like Midtown, Downtown, Nichols Hills and more. 

While training for the run, I developed a minor problem.  My right foot began hurting during and after the runs.  I noticed the pain was mainly on my right navicular bone (on the inside of the arch area).  I took some xrays and noticed that my navicular was enlarged.  Many people with enlarged naviculars (gorilloid naviculars) can have pain in the inside, or medial, area of the foot especially with activity.  This is mostly due to the posterior tibial tendon attaching to the medial aspect of the navicular.  This tendon is very important for decreasing pronation, the flattening motion of the arch, and helping hold up the arch during standing, walking, and running.

To remedy this situation, I bought a pair of Brooks Beast running shoes at Red Coyote.  These shoes are well-known to be one of the best shoes for over-pronation.  Even though I am not an over-pronator, I knew that this type of shoe was exactly what I needed for my problem.  Those shoes with my custom inserts relieved the pain and problem and allowed me to continue training and finish the half marathon.

For any runners or non-runners out there, feel free to come see me for any foot and ankle related issues.

Trent Wallace DPM