New York Giant Daniel Fells Season-Ending Foot Infection

My deepest concerns go out to New York Giant’s tight end Daniel Fells and his family.  Fells is currently being treated for a severe MRSA infection involving his foot/ankle.  He was placed on the season-ending injured reserve list but this could possibly be a career ending infection. 

MRSA stands for “methicillin-resistant Staph aureus”.  Staph aureus is a common skin contaminant that is routinely seen in cultures.  MRSA is different because common antibiotics cannot be used to treat the infection.  MRSA has been more and more prevelent and is seen very often in hospitalized patients and diabetic foot ulcers.  Treatment options include MRSA-specific antibiotics and possibly surgical removal of infected tissue depending on severity of infection.

More and more young athletes are being treated for MRSA infections.  This is due to physical contact during sports.  That is why it is very important to exercise caution with all skin infections, no matter how minor they may seem.  I have been treating patients with MRSA infections since I began medical school, throughout residency, and now in my practice.  These infections are treatable and can be very minor if responded to early.

Trent Wallace DPM

Wallace Foot and Ankle Center