Kevin Durant’s All Star Game Playtime Decreased Due to Nagging Foot Injuries

First of all, congratulations to Russell Westbrook for becoming 2015 NBA All Star MVP.  He definitely deserves this honor.  2014 league MVP Kevin Durant scored only 3 points in 10 minutes in Sunday’s NBA All Star game.  Durant’s playtime was shortened due to his previous nagging Jones fracture and sprained great toe.

Treating many Jones fractures over the years, I have learned that they are a very tricky injury.  Jones fractures are a very distinct fifth metatarsal base fracture.  These are harder to treat and also take longer to heal due to decreased blood flow to the area.  This problem is compounded by constant pull from the peroneus brevis tendon.  These fractures are well known to be very problematic.  Even when treated surgically, prolonged discomfort can be present or fluctuate with activity level for many months after the fracture is “radiographically” healed.  This discomfort would definitely be considered normal for the reigning NBA MVP.

I’m sure that most NBA fans and all of Oklahoma City have their fingers crossed for the speedy recovery of our beloved Kevin Durant.
By: Trent Wallace DPM